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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

Winspector is an efficient Windows spy utility. It is used to keep track of the messages that are sent to the system. With Winspector the user can develop its own application to see the messages and can verify them, which are not possible by using other applications.

Winspector is an advanced version of Spy++, if the user has used Spy++ then he can easily work with winspector.
It’s not exactly the same as Spy++, rather it acquires few features of Spy++. Because Winspector is a much advanced and better software, it is been used as a default Spy tool for Windows. It has many in-built interesting and useful features that can be used by the user. Winspector is a safe and secure software and has no bugs.

Every filter facilitates the user in filtering generic messages as well as class specific messages. All filtered messages are listed on the left, whereas the ones that are let through are listed on the right. An additional feature is also available for the user to change the windows properties and layout by dragging the window selector.

Other features are: Hide invisible windows. Displays more than one set of window properties. View window by hierarchy or by process. Right-click on a message to hide it. Pause the output of the messages


  • User can develop his own application


  • New user may find it difficult to use

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